$5.50 sounds like a lot for approximately 600ml’s of coke flavoured slushy, or at least it does where I live. But how about $5.50 for the same coke flavoured slushy with unlimited refills? Suddenly, the psychological price of the slushy becomes hyperbolic and the cost rapidly approaches zero.

That is, only as long as you intend to actually consume an unlimited number of the chilly ice and cola mix. Which in reality is a difficult proposition – I only had two of them while I was at the bowling alley tonight, and I don’t think I even finished my second one. A friend had 4, and by the end of it he was on a dead-set screaming sugar high. I kid you not; the dude was practically drunk on the sugar and caffeine.

As a result of my own more modest consumption, in effect I paid $2.75 for two slushies, the second of which I struggled to finish and didn’t even enjoy all that much. A regular, non-icy 600ml coke at the same place would realistically cost between $2.50 and $3. If I were buying a non-frozen, non-slushied coke I would never have bought a second one – I am certain that given the limit of a single bottle and the familiar, standardised portion sizing of a bottle I would never have felt the need to approximately consume 1.2 litres of coke in the equivalent time that I tried to consume the same amount of (practically free!) slushies.

Put most simply, I fell victim to the real-world equivalent of a Steam sale; except the latter is never going to give me type-2 diabetes.