A letter to Tom Bissell that wouldn’t fit on his Facebook wall.


I feel I must quietly berate you on an issue most pressing. Why, oh why, does an artist of such high calibre and of such prolific output such as yourself possess no central place on the internet that I can go to and subscribe via RSS, or follow via twitter just so that I can make sure that I know about all the things you’ve written up to the most recent? Why did I have to find out via a wall post on your Facebook account that you wrote this incredible piece for the Observer?

You need to get a twitter account or a blog or even just a website, something – anything! What does it tell you that my heart started beating faster when I found this twitter account purporting to be by ‘Tom Bissell’ only to have my hopes cruelly dashed?

Why is there no TomBissell.com? The domain is clearly being parked by GoDaddy – did you buy the domain and do nothing with it? If so, let this be a gentle push to get you to make use of it! Because if you don’t do something to rectify this situation in the not-too-distant future I fear someone, perhaps someone like myself but maybe anyone who I have evangelised your work to, might be forced to register the www.TomBissellFans.com domain and make something terribly unofficial. I understand you’re a very busy man, with your book coming out and all these other projects on the side, but really… it’s 2010. That’s a whole decade past the year 2000 and ten years into supposedly having flying cars and personal jetpacks. The least you can do is get a personal website.

Please Tom, pause GTAIV for ten minutes and get yourself a wordpress blog or a twitter account. In the horrible words of marketing-speak it’s time to “connect with your fans” or “reach potential new readers”.

Actually, on second thoughts the marketing speak has put me off the idea. So don’t worry about it. Marketers are full of crap anyway.

Sincerely, A Concerned Reader and Fan.