A Thing That Happened

So this is a thing that happened. I was playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 this evening and ended up on a Games.on.net server rotating endlessly through the beautiful, and cleverly designed, Valparaiso map (see image). I was placed on a team initially on defence, and it didn’t take long to realise we were being horrendously and mercilessly crushed. I died, again, and again. But something felt wrong.

People started commenting in chat that something was amiss, and a quick glance at the scores showed that, yes, the top scoring player on the other team had six thousand more points than the next best player. The player unfortunately named ‘Curry_Muncher’ was cheating, and my team started complaining. He didn’t deny it, and it was obvious.

Someone suggested in team chat that next round we perform a sit-in, a passive form of protest. The next round, we stayed in our base after spawning and stood around firing in the direction of the enemy. We tried to pass the time by shooting trees and things. We protested.

Members of the opposition started trying to persuade the cheating player on their team to leave, with one even going around popping smoke directly in front of the cheating player. Apparently “he didn’t like that”. It made us feel a little better, and I raised a cheer in general chat, “Three cheers for the members of the opposition not cheating” that got a few “hurrah!”s. Good sportsmanship, even in (pretend) mortal combat is something like the height of civility.

But new players kept joining and people kept leaving the server, and the newcomers had to have what we were trying to do explained to them. They didn’t always get it. Eventually I got sick of waiting for an admin to show up and ban the cheater, and I left.