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Where The Hell Am I? Some Remarks on the History of SR and OOO‘ by Levi Bryant at LarvalSubjects.

I think, even where it doesn’t know it, OOO and SR are responding to these ontological transformations where we’re no longer quite sure where we are, what we are, and what’s calling the shots. On the one hand, there’s the looming ecological catastrophe hovering over our collective heads that has the effect of diminishing attention to the signifier, ideology, meaning, and representation and of drawing attention to cane toads, weather events, bees, farming techniques, lawn, energy production, etc. On the other hand, there are all these new strange technologies that we are increasingly melded with in ways that aren’t entirely within our control. These things call forth, beg, plead for a non-correlationist ontology that overcomes the narcissism of humans wishing to treat all of being as externalized spirit. This, I think, is part of why OOO/SR came into being


Any particular atemporal trend will end up named, stamped into a commodity, and sold, until stretched into a thin veneer of shiny, zombified goo. But that’s okay, because we already have a friend that we met in a comment thread, that can get us that real shit. The Real Shit, because it is the stuff we want and nothing else, and because we’re getting it from the source that we know and trust. That is the network, and that is atemporality. All real shit. No authenticity.

Social Media is Ruining Everything‘ by Leigh Alexander at Thought Catalog.

All people are defined by the approval, response and input of others in their society, but thanks to social media, individuals can beg to be defined by the digital screams of strangers, of nobodies. They do; they want to. Developing an ‘internet presence’ is part of teenage self-actualization and independence-assertion now. It’s fucked.