London bound!

By the time you are reading this I will be jetting across the world headed for London, England. From Sunday I’m in central London where I’m planning to meet up with friends and some people I only know via the internet. If you’re from London, or can get to London, and you’ve got a particularly keen interest in hanging out with an Australian From The Internet then get in touch! My email is on the side-bar and I check twitter more times an hour than heroine addicts shoot up in Kings Cross.

On Thursday I’m leaving London and heading up to Oxford to spend Friday and the weekend at the Videogame Cultures and the Future of Interactive Entertainment conference, where I’m presenting a paper (which I posted the abstract for a few weeks ago). A fairly finished draft version of the paper is available to read online.

Aaaand lastly I was quoted in the first issue of a very pretty e-Zine “ctrl+alt+defeat” and you can see my thoughts on the issue of non-glamorous violence in games on p.17. Matthew Burns adds his thoughts to the same piece, too.

Right. I hope that’s everything. Wish me luck on this 23 hour flight and I’ll see you in the Northern Hemisphere, where I will inevitably complain about how cold it is for summer. Seriously, summer is meant to be 40C, not 20C. I’ve been watching the forecasts and it seems like this year’s mild Australian winter may occasionally be warmer than an English summer. I guess I’ll finally find out why people live in England.