Some really great quotes I read today

The first, from Graham Harman’s ‘Circus Philosophicus’, from the final chapter ‘The Sleeping Zebra’, pp.65-66:

“Latour was in a listening mood, and politely allowed me to expound on the recent mutation of the critic into the full-fledged troll: that despicable stock character of the unmonitored salt flats of the internet. My thesis was that the troll is the new successor to past figures of anti-philosophy: the sophist, the pedant, and the Inquisitor, among others. I argued that the troll is the degenerate form of the critic, untethered from any commitment of his own, and unleashed on the world to doubt and critique whatever one might doubt and critique rather than what truly deserves refutation.”

And the second, remarkably close to Harman et al.’s project in OOO and Speculative Realism, is the following quote from the introduction to Matt Taibbi’s ‘The Great Derangement’, pp.12:

“When a people can no longer agree even on the basic objective facts of their political existence, the equation changes; real decisions, even in the approximate direction of righteousness, eventually become impossible.”