TvT – Me vs ‘Mauro’

So I’ve played a pretty good 1/1/1 build vs a Terran player – they seem pretty lacklustre. I managed to block their natural expansion and force a planetary just by putting down a supply depot over the spot it wanted to be build, so I reach a point in the game where I think I’m okay. I think I’ve got him on the ropes and he’s just flying his buildings away from me to prolong the game.

Above: Not a lot of hope for our terran adversary.

Heck, he even sends his last SCVs to suicide against my base, so the illusion is complete.

Above: SCVs about to die

But then he doesn’t lose, so I go hunting for a secret expand. I find it, think it’ll be easy… then all of a sudden… this.

Above: 13 Battlecruisers

The dude had been hoarding battlecruisers, and was now pummeling me with 13 of them. Half that was probably enough to wipe me out at that point, my air defense was SO low, and there was no chance I was going to build enough Thors. The game was already 30 minutes in, so I threw up a GG and a WP and quit. But have a look at the minimap. Dude had basically a whole extra secret base-trio that I knew nothing about. Crazy. I felt really, really stupid.

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