Depicting God

It occurred to me, while watching this clip, that if you’re going to depict ‘God’ you might as well go all the way and make him/her/it like this. Certainly it’s probably more faithful to the ‘nature’ of God, or at least more faithful to the idea of God. In comparison to the Morgan Freeman-as-god trope, this is practically biblical by comparison! =P

Of course, another way to go about it is to prohibit the depiction of God, which is what I believe Islam prescribes. You could definitely read certain passages of the Old Testament (“Thou shalt have no grave images”) in exactly the same way. I wonder if the OT authors would have thought the same if they had the ability to animate, or simulate and model with computers.

Just some idle thoughts.

Oh, and as a summary of what’s going on in the clip, the uploader says the following:

The main character, Nishi, has just died an embarrassing, cowardly death and ends up in “purgatory”. There he is approached by a constantly changing incarnation of God who basically tells him “life sucks, deal with it”. Not happy with this answer, Nishi runs back towards “life” while God cheers him on.