Links from Avatar of the Book event

I’m at the Avatar of the Book event in Sydney today, and a couple of interesting talks with some great examples that I just wanted to link to, mostly so I don’t forget. Grouped according to the speaker who mentioned it:

Mitchell Whitelaw

Just like at CODE2K12, Mitchell had some really fantastic examples, this time they were (mostly) his own.

One that wasn’t is the spam-based artwork of Alex Dragulescu. Architecture from spam, and also ‘plants’ from spam. Spam emails become spaces. V cool.

Here’s Whitelaw’s page for his projects, and here’s a piece based on ‘generous interfaces’ more about exploring or browsing through collections rather than being search/query based – Manly Images. He’s keeping a blog about ‘generous interface’ experiments here. And here’s a search/query based interface that still allows some ‘browsing’ – Trove Mosaic.

Jason Nelson

I made a lotta tweets. Mostly it was Nelson talking about his cool art experiments, and what his art/work process is, which is always interesting and valuable to me. Jason Nelsons site with all his art projects is here. I love his ‘game, game, game and again game’ which went massively viral around the place, especially in the videogame blogosphere. Another really cool thing of his is the poetry cube – very cool computer mediated poetry. Interesting spatial reconfiguration stuff.

Jason uses a Google app/product/thing that converts Flash to HMTL5, called Swiffy.

This is a strange site.

Ned mentioned a piece to me, think it was this one, I forget why exactly. I might put it aside to read later. Something about metamodelling.

The afternoon’s talk by Peter Sefton was good but his examples are harder to link to, here’s his website anyway. UWS has an eResearch position now, and Sefton is it. Huh. He seems to know his stuff too.