Oneohtrix Point Never’s Greatest Clip

Most people seem unable to handle it. It’s too much, and it’s too little. They can’t keep their eyes on it for that long, the movement as the multiple emojis refuse to resolve into stable object. The woman becomes woman-face-woman-hands-face, the pill and the syringe rotate and roll, the final 30 second cacophony compressing life down into one movement, run, bike, sand, surf, swim, wedding, ring, explosion, devil, death.

Fingers articulating heavenly chords, post-life. They end abruptly, a little bit cruelly, but respectfully aware that we haven’t got a lot of time. Four minutes seventeen.

Compare/contrast with this clip which can’t resist modifying the emoji system beyond its original implementation. Messsy. No control. But easier on the palette because it swaps the cold austerity for over-the-top caricature.┬áIt doesn’t help that I’ve never understood the appeal to that song (unless it’s the appropriation of arabic microtonal scales at the intro?).