This is the best academic piece i’ve read åbout climate change aesthetics

Michael Ziser and Julie Sze’s Climate Change, Environmental Aesthetics, and Global Environmental Justice Cultural Studies. From the conclusion:

As the [Global Climate Change] phase of environmental discourse develops, it will be crucial to ensure that the original ecological and social goals of traditional environmentalism and environmental justice are not swept aside in favor of a counterproductive emphasis on national, cultural, and racial difference on scales at which no biological and community justice is practicable. We suggest that environmental justice aesthetics ought to reject the sublime scale invoked by some GCC narratives and instead remain focused on the human, ecological, and social jus- tice dimensions of environmental change.32 The proper response of the humanities to the GCC crisis is not to find aesthetic equivalents to late capitalism’s radically posthuman environmental effects, but rather to produce narratives, like Up the Yangtze, that make palpable the largely ungraspable complexity of contemporary environmental and economic networks. The strengths of institutionally and methodologically separated enterprises like ecocriticism, environmental justice, cultural studies, and globalization theory must be combined to counteract the forces of a potentially reactionary style of climate discourse and to develop a representational model and analytic framework for climate politics that accounts for individuals, communities, and cultural and racial contexts as much as for net emissions, capital flows, and global trade.

I’m about to watch Up The Yangtzee, it’s available on YouTube.

ok so

something clicked last week and i’m done.

i’m done, but the thesis isn’t. yet.

the change is imperceptible, largely mental, and completely crucial. before the thesis was something i was terribly invested in, it was close to me, it was right here; felt.

today? it’s a million miles away, its on the other side of the ocean. i’ve divested of all but The Work left to finish it up to a point where it Doesn’t Suck Enough such that I can live with it.

mark the meaningless milestone

i wash my hands of this thing


If there is a better movie opening than this…

…it completely escapes me right now.

God damn that transition to Loggins’ Danger Zone, barely concealed beneath the eagles scream of the jet engine… amazing. It’s so transparent, and it so totally works. This was such a stunning film and I am totally obsessed with @555uhz. I’m thinking of writing a paper about it.

So much blending of love for man/machine.

i blog when im having trouble

you can tell its been good this past week or so hey

they’re not kidding around when they say it really does get wretched and intensely and panic-inducingly lonely

one of the really sad things is that i make myself feel better by promising myself something good (like a movie), and then once i feel better i dont do the good thing.

how disgusting is that?

On the lack of satisfying completion

is it just me or does thesis work almost uniquely, and supremely, lack the satisfaction of completion? maybe its just where im at right now, in the interminable finishing revision stage, but I feel like I’ve worked for months and months without the satisfaction of being able to say “there, that’s done” about nearly anything.

there are two milestones I had (both back in december!!) but even then the sense of satisfaction from completing a chapter, in both instances only lasted about an hour or so.

what can I do to cap things off a bit more and get that satisfaction? it might be important enough to keeping me motivated that I should figure something out. maybe i should set smaller tasks and like… do something when i smash em.

i dont really want anything with which to give myself in reward, tho, except perhaps to be rid of this albatross


Wow this band has literally not changed in a decade. I think I last listened to P.O.D. in about 2004.

Takes me right back to bein a #teen again.