Okay so

Look. Here’s the thing. I know i’m hyperbolic, like as a rule, but this fucking film. It might be the best film i have ever seen. Certainly it’s the best one i have seen in the past five years. It is just unspeakably excellent. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t think so.

It’s the kind of film that makes otherwise rational people want to drop everything and run screaming down the street evangelizing about it as you go. The kind of film that inspires visions of a better world and the kind of devotion and grace it might take to achieve it.

If there is a better movie opening than this…

…it completely escapes me right now.

God damn that transition to Loggins’ Danger Zone, barely concealed beneath the eagles scream of the jet engine… amazing. It’s so transparent, and it so totally works. This was such a stunning film and I am totally obsessed with @555uhz. I’m thinking of writing a paper about it.

So much blending of love for man/machine.

Watch the K Foundation burn a million quid


Watching this video makes me giddy. The world seems to peel back and the ground folds away beneath you, and if you concentrate on it in just the right way, you can step through the portal, temporarily, into a zone or region completely unlike anyplace you’ve ever been or ever will.

Chapter 5 – conclusions.