Last day at GDC, a poem

Bleary eyes

Runny noses

Blinking and coughing

Even the angry people are arguing softly

Suspicious speaker at 3pm

Out of coffee in the press room by midday

Waiting for lunch to open

Need to do vaccuous tourist shopping

I will miss this place,

but it’s the people not the place that makes it.

I’ll be back though, the allure of GDC is too strong

Plus I’m internet famous now, and I know the organisers

Maybe I’ll try and land a speaking role

That would be pretty fun

Then I’d get into the speaker’s party

re: Not much GDC coverage…

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t really posted anything about my time at GDC yet, you can relax. It’s all part of the bigger, ongoing plan.

I’m not going to add anything by going to the big talks and keynotes and putting my own spin on everything to come out of a session – see Leigh Alexander’s reputedly comprehensive coverage for stuff like that, or any of the other media outlets that have people reporting on the event. Matthew Burns is writing from GDC, but he’s doing it in a very personalised narrated manner. I just so happened to be included in one of these write-ups since I was fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of time with Matthew on the first day. See his dispatches from GDC parts 1 and 2 (part 2 kind of acts as a highlight reel for all the things that I did on Tuesday) for a more experience based take on the conference so far.

As to what I’m doing at GDC… suffice to say, I’ve been having my mind blown by the ease of meeting and the accessibility of all the amazing people I look up to in the games writing sphere. And I’m also working on what I hope will become the thing that helps justify the faith placed in me by Michael Abbott, David Carlton and everyone who donated any money towards this trip. I don’t want to say too much at this stage because I don’t want to pin to down just yet as it’s still very much a work in progress, but I will say that I have high hopes.

Tomorrow (Thursday) looks to be a winner also, and if the first two days are anything to go by, it should really be something special.